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Best Memes Of 2017 So Far

2017 started with a bang when the Hollywood Sign was changed from “Hollywood” to “Hollyweed.” From then on, memes of the Hollywood sign begin to pop all over social media. Memes play a huge part in our society and are the backbone to social media. Here is a list of the best memes of 2017 by month.


Hollyweed Meme

Ah yes, the classic “let’s change the Hollywood sign from Hollywood to Hollyweed.” Very 1976. After the incident, the Internet quickly took charge to make it into a meme.




(Thanks for the painful reminder of this championship series, Internet.)

Salt Bae Meme

Salt Bae has that culinary swagger we wish we all had. After the video of “Salt Bae” seasoning meat in a very uh special way went viral, the internet took the opportunity to make him into a meme.


Not only that, people have been recreating Salt Bae’s signature sprinkle.


Cash Me Ousside Meme

Why is this a thing? Why is she famous? What’s going to happen if you actually “cash her ousside?” In February 2017, the Dr. Phil video went viral (3:26 to hear the phrase) making everyone across the country shout “cash me ousside howbow dah”

How about you shut up? Howbow dah.



Roll Safe Meme

This is probably the only meme that will teach you life lessons. Shoutout to the viral video that made this guy and meme famous.

What in Tarnation Meme 

This Southern pup arrived in Twitter feeds in February and has been making everyone think of words that rhyme with tarnation. People on social media fell in love with this meme so much that they photoshopped cowboy hats to anything that rhymed with tarnation.


Original meme:



Other edits:



White Guy Blinking Gif Meme

Probably the most relatable meme out there. This gif/meme basically represents what it’s actually like to realize stuff. (Sorry not sorry, Kylie.)


Meryl Streep Singing Meme

The hottest meme on everyone’s social media timeline right now is Meryl Streep singing. The meme shows the actress shouting (singing?) her favorite lyrics after the artist.



Of course my meme loving self would do my own edits.

My edits via Twitter:




What will be the meme or memes for April?

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