Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour: Review

Drake had the whole Bay Area in their feelings as he and rap group, Migos, performed three sold out shows at Oracle Arena this past weekend. Aubrey & The Three Migos Tour kicked off in the Bay on Oct. 26th continued on Oct. 27th and Oct. 29th.


Drake broke records when his most anticipated album, Scorpion, dropped this summer. The album has been streamed one billion times online and had seven singles on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. If that doesn’t scream G.O.A.T., I don’t know what does.


Right when you walk into the arena, you’re greeted by a giant stage in the middle of the floor. This isn’t just any old stage. This is a huge LED video stage. Yes, video stage. The 360 view stage set up and huge 360 view monitors were a smart move for Drake because that way more fans can attend the concert and can easily see the artist from any angle. Drake worked close with a company called TAIT in order for his creative vision to come to life. Drake walked on water, on lava, on the Versace Medusa head, a makeshift basketball court, and an iPhone.


It’s clear that Drake has an eye for visuals and aesthetics. The rapper had smoke machines, pyrotechnics, fireworks, fake fireflies, a curtain projecting lightning, confetti and a floating yellow Ferrari (like Pikachu.)


During those two hours, Drake took the crowd on a journey through his music. The arena roared when the house lights turned off and a sheer projector curtain fell down as the rapper walked onstage. His stage presence was strong and the crowd loved it. Not a single person was sitting down. Everyone sang their heart out about Kiki, loving their bed and their mama, and about only living once. He ran around stage hyping up the crowd while belting out his biggest hits. His tour mates, Migos, also hyped up the crowd in the beginning of the concert as the trio ran in looking like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in their Kappa tracksuits.



His setlist mainly included songs from his 2018 album, Scorpion, however he did play the older stuff such as: “Over”, “Crew Love”, “The Motto”, and “Started from the Bottom.” Migos returned on stage to sing their hits “Stir Fry”, “Walk It Talk It”, and “MotorSport.”


Drake used the entire stage during his performances and took time to sing to each section. He acknowledged those in who were general admission on the floor and thanked them for staying on their feet for a long time. Guys cheered and girls screamed over him. The crowd was turnt, literally. No mosh pits where reported. However, one brave female fan took one for the team and threw her bra at him. That’s what he gets for singing slow jams.


In the middle of the concert, there was a contest where one lucky fan had the opportunity to win money by shooting a basketball into a basket. The prize for the free throw line was $250, for the three point line was $500, and for a half court shot $25,000. The fan sadly missed each shot, however did win an OVO jersey.


Drake has a soft spot for the Bay and he made that very clear throughout the night. He took time to appreciate everyone’s love and energy. He surprised the crowd on night three by bringing out two legendary Bay Area rappers, E-40 and Too $hort. The crowd went hyphy as they sang along to “Tell Me When To Go” and “Blow The Whistle.”


From the stage set up, to the setlist, to the vibe from the crowd, it’s no wonder why Drake is one of the best artists of this decade.