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7 Tips For Finding A New Job

Finding a new job can be tough. This was especially true for me when I was looking. I wanted to not only find a new job, but also move up. By “move up” I don’t mean just get a promotion. Rather instead find a job related to what you want to eventually do as a career.

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For me, this meant that I was no longer looking for jobs in retail, but instead in a medical office or hospital. Here are some tips that I learned throughout my job search that might be helpful!


1. Fake it til you make it.

Have the attitude and closet of the career professional that you would like to become. If you see yourself in business, get a few business clothes to have on hand. You never know when an opportunity will present itself.


2. Take anything that you can get.

I think that this is especially true if you are trying to move into your career field from a minimum wage job. For example, I really wanted to get a job at Kaiser (this is really tough to do even with related experience) and I did get a phone interview. However, at the same time as the phone interview, I also received an in person interview from a private practice. Since I never heard back from Kaiser, I took the job at the private practice. This has been the best decision! I am now getting even more experience than I would have at Kaiser.


3. Beef up your resume.

Make sure to think of everything that you’ve ever done! If you are trying to move into a field that you are passionate in, really think about any connections that might tie you to that field.

For me, I had previously volunteered at a hospital in high school. Although I was applying to jobs about three years after I had done this, it was still relatable. If you are able to make a connection, then write it down! Once you do that, it isn’t necessary to include experience that isn’t related.


4. Indeed is your best friend.

If you’ve never heard of indeed.com then go put it in your search browser right now! Indeed is very helpful because it allows you to create an account. Your account will then be notified if new jobs are added that are related to the ones you have been searching. It will also filter out jobs based on your location.


5. Shoot for the stars.

Even if you don’t think that you will get a certain job, apply anyway! You never know how strict an employer’s qualification standards may be. Plus, it doesn’t hurt. Most likely you already have your resume and cover letter ready, so applying to jobs will be quick.

I never thought that I would have even heard back from Kaiser, but I did!


6. Be honest.

This is especially true if you are a student! Be honest with the amount of time that you are available to work. It will only backfire if you lie about your availability. If you find that you are having trouble finding a job that is related to your desired career, but is also flexible for school, then be patient. Something will come along, just give it time!


7. Do the most on your cover letter.

If you were unable to think of something that you did that is directly related to the job that you want, make it related yourself. Your cover letter is a place to describe how your past experience relates to the job that you are applying for. This is where I tied in my customer service experience to potential patient experience. So think outside the box! Anything can be related if you think hard enough. Make sure to relate your experience to the job duties listed, not just duties you expect to have!

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