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5 Tips to Help Translate Spring onto your Face

Robin’s eggs in nests, as well as on your eyes.

The start of a new season brings new trends. Makeup campaigns for Spring 2017 are showcasing bright, vibrant colors on a fresh and glossy complexion. There is something for everybody this time around: from the girls who wear little-to-no makeup, to the ones that like to shoot for all.

1. A slightly unnatural, natural glow

photo from Ania Milczarczyk

Think the opposite of a jarring highlight across your cheekbones. The skin is dewy with light bouncing off of it from all angles. And the “light” looks more like actual light, rather than a store bought highlight. This look is most easily achieved using cream or liquid products.

2. Just a flush of blush

photo from Glossier

There is no shimmer in the blush, but it’s not completely matte either. It closely resembles the color of your natural skin if you had just splashed cold water on your face or, as this Glossier post puts it, “fresh from pilates flush.” The angle at which the blush is applied is also lower on the cheeks, going into the hollows of the bones.

3. Color, color, color on the lids!

photo from Into the Gloss

Reflective purples and breathtaking blues. The attention is all on the eyes. Pack your punch with a wash of color this season. And don’t feel the need to stop at just one; add a colored liner to compliment your lids.

4. Glitter, too?

photo from MAC Cosmetics

Yes, glitter, too. I find that this is a good look for those who have always wanted to experiment a little more with their makeup but have always been too shy to. Glitter doesn’t have to take a lot of practice because it doesn’t have to be precise. So, go ahead and take the plunge. Makeup should be what you want it to be, so have some fun.

5. Bonus: A bold lip

photo from Urban Decay Cosmetics

I noticed that most of these looks aren’t very sultry, and so I wanted to include something for those who are looking to get into the spring trends, but more so in a club setting. Bright colors can look just as great on the lips as they do on the eyes. This photo is a great example of incorporating spring colors into a more made-up look.

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