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2022 was filled with some of the hottest hair trends we’ve seen in the past few years. Do you want to rock a few of these hair trends this fall season? Check out the list below and choose your new fall fave hairstyle! 

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs originated in the 1960s with Brigette Bardot, a French model, singer, and actress. However, we saw a reappearance of this hairstyle during the pandemic when people began to do at-home or DIY haircuts due to salons being shut down. This reimagined face-framing hairstyle has been an icon for 2022, as it is extremely versatile, works for all different hair types, and is low-maintenance, which is perfect for college students.

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Elizabeth Olsen

Yara Shahidi

Wolf Cut

This hybrid cut mixed with the classic mullet, and the messy shag cut also made its way through at-home DIY hairstyles during the pandemic. But now we see celebrities like Billie Eilish and Demi Lovato bringing it center stage.Even though this haircut may seem like it’s only for people with naturally straight hair, us curly girls can rock this style too!

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Demi Lovato

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Laulanne Cecilia

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Billie Eilish

Copper Color

Even though copper has been a super trendy color all year long, fall is the best time to bring out this warm, bold, and sun-kissed color. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Zendaya have been rocking the copper color for a minute now, and we are living for it. Copper can come in many shades, making it a complimenting color for all skin complexions. No wonder it’s been such a trend!

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Sydney Sweeney


Kendall Jenner

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Face Framing Highlights 

We’re talking about these highlights… just in case the title didn’t give it away.

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Zoey Deutch

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Bella Hadid


Dua Lipa

Face framing highlights are towards the top of the list of hair trends for 2022. Typically, you’re supposed to highlight two strands of hair towards the front of your head to help shape your face more, usually with naturally lighter hair color. But many people use this trend to take advantage of dying their hair in all colors just to get that pop! (And we are here for it)

Pixie Cut

Everyone should have a short hair moment at least once! Why not start this fall season off with a chop (technically a shave). Pixie cuts are a bold move, maybe even a little intimidating. But what’s more empowering than turning away from “the norm” and rocking some short hair and looking hot while you do it. Pixie cuts can look different on everybody, so draw some of your inspiration from these women.

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Zoë Kravitz

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Dixie D’Amelio

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Teyana Taylor

Feeling inspired? We thought so, go out and choose your favorite hairstyle from this list and be your most trendy self this fall!

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