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5 Hair Styles for Finals Week!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Francisco chapter.

The dreaded finals week is right around the corner, which is another way of saying that the bum look will be extremely popular or that bum season is fast approaching! We won’t have time to do anything but study, eat and sleep (that’s if you are lucky enough to sleep). Bum season seems to hit women a bit more harshly than men, perhaps for us girls, our hair is the main struggle that we must face before even heading out the door. We cannot let finals week make us have bad hair days, right ladies!? Here are some ways to fight the bum look during the upcoming finals.


1. The Top Knot

This super easy hair style is perfect for those messy hair days because the oil buildup is usually concentrated in the part area. Therefore, by pulling all your hair back, you are distributing the oil through the strands to appear like you have just showered. The messy top bun is super chic, super easy to do. Our hair: 1 Finals:0


2. The Side Braid


The side braid is probably your best friend during finals week because it is so feminine and easy to do. All you need is: a hair tie, preferably the same color as your hair or a clear elastic, and bobby pins! Extra tip: Pull out some hairs and pull on the braid to the sides in order to make it a cute, messy and effortless look.


3. Milk Maid Braid


Milk maid braids are not only super easy but they are super cute. I’ve done this hairstyle a few times now and everytime I get a compliment about my hair. The messy milk-maid braid is basically two pigtail braids that are pinned upward. There is not really magic trick to it, just the magic a bobby pins and a bit of hairspray. This hairstyle works perfect for people with bang and without.  Our Hair:3 Finals: 0  (I believe we are on a roll!)


4. The Beanie


If its the last stretch and you simply cannot handle your hair, throw on a beanie! No more can be said. A beanie is the ultimate weapon to the fight against looking like a bum during finals.

5. The High Pony

This high pony hairstyle is best to use on the last days from washing your hair. Usually by the 3rd or 4th day, depending on your hair type. If you curled your hair then all you have to do is add a little bit of hairspray to your hair before putting it up in a ponytail. This way you get textured waves for a flowing pony. If you want the chic, messy pony then put your hair up with your fingers while bent forward. Our Hair:5 Finals:0 Great job ladies!

Hope you can show finals who is boss by keeping your hair effortlessly stylish because look at you! You are beautiful!!

If you do recreate these looks, post them on social media by tagging us and you can be featured in our Snapshot!! Insta & Twitter: @hcsanfrancisco Facebook: Her Campus San Francisco


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