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4 Things You Should Put on Your Summer Bucket List and Why

     Summer is almost upon us. We can almost taste the scent of ice cream cones on the beach, sunscreen at the pool, and freshly mowed grass. Even though there are two weeks left of school, and upcoming finals and class registry to worry about, I can’t help but think about the almost freedom of summer. So get ready to get out your sunglasses and shorts, because here are some summer activites that you need to put on your summer 2015 bucket list!

1) Bonfire at Ocean Beach: 

Where: Fulton St. and Great Highway, Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Price: Free!

Why this should be on your bucket list: One of the reasons why this is a great summer activity is because of smores.

 Of course, you can have smores any other time of the year if you have a grill or stove top; however, there is something classicly summer about roasting a marshmellow over an open flame on a summer evening. So if you have a bonfire, smores are a must, and are a wonderfully messy food, with warm chocolate, gooey marshmellow, and crunchy graham crackers, this is a fun summer treat. Ocean Beach is one of the few beaches in the Bay Area that allow bonfires, and have fire pits for this specific reason. You can choose to reserve a spot, or you can try to snag one of the designated spots. Muir Beach also allows bonfires, but Ocean Beach has gorgeous sunsets, so this is why this specific beach is number one on my list. It is also a bit warmer in the summer, which is why you should take advantage of listening to the waves crash on the sand, and having a good bonfire party with friends in the summmer!

What to Bring: Obviously, you’ll need to bring supplies sufficient to build a good sized fire (unless you want to show off your survival skills and make your own fire), ingredients for smores, (I recommned Hershey’s chocolate, marshmellows, and graham crackers), you’ll also want to bring a jacket or blanket since it can tend to get windy and chilly when the sun goes down, and finally an i-phone to add some fun music to your atmosphere.

2) Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: 

Where: 400, Beach St, Santa Cruz, CA.

Price: $5.00 (depending on how many rides you go on).

Why this should be on your bucket list: Santa Cruz is a quaint little coastal town about two hours north of San Francisco and has the famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The family run amusement park was established in  1865, and offers all kinds of entertainment. It’s a bit like going to the county fair, but better. It has a perfectly preserved 1911 carousel, the thrilling “Giant Dipper Roller Coaster”, a sunny beach to enjoy, and “Neptune’s Palace” which boasts a casino and adorable pirate themed mini golf course. Simply put, this 100 year old plus park has something for everyone. The drive may be a bit long, but it’s a pretty drive at that, with green and lush forests on one side and the gleaming blue Pacific on the other. This is a fun summer daytrip because it lets you explore a different side of Northern California, and you can reconnect with your eight year old self, as you can enjoy the views of the ferris wheel and the fluffy goodness of a serving of cottonc candy. And if you go to the beach there is some prime people watching (especially the cute surfer dudes.

What to Bring: A snack for the car is a must since it’s a good drive, and some fun music as well. Feel free to sing your heart out to Taylor Swift with your friends on the drive. Also make sure to bring a towel and swimsuite in case you want to take a dip in the slightly warmer water than in San Francisco. So it’s a good time to take a break from the 60 degree summer of SF. With that said, it’s also smart to bring some suncreen or a fun hat since it can get quite sunny! Lastly, make sure you have some small bills to pay for ride and yummy food!

3) Go to a Giant’s Game: 

Where: AT&T Park, San Francisco.

Price: Cheapest – $32.00 dollars, tickets become more expensive if you get better seats.

Why this should be on your bucket list: AT&T Park is a beautiful place to watch an evening baseball game, and is a uniquely San Fransican tradition. Baseball season is also more in swing in the summer, so the games get more serious and exciting.

 Also this is a prime time to check out Buster Posey, that is a reason in it of itself! Games are always a fun group activity because you can really let loose, and show your Giant’s pride and have fun singing along to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. Additionally, if you attend a late game in the summer you don’t have to worry about getting up early for your 8:00 am class! So take advantage of the time you have in Summer to go to fun and spirted events like this!

What you should bring: Your Giant’s pride, and some orange and black. It is also a good idea to bring a light sweater, since the park is right on the bay and can get a bit breezy. Also have a good amount of cash on you, since ball park food is a bit pricey; however, the hot dogs and garlic fries are a fun items to splurge on! Just make sure, you have some mints after the garlic, if this outing is a date!

4) 4th of July Fireworks: 

Where: Marin County Fair, Civic Center, San Rafael, CA.

Price: $20.00

Why this should be on your bucket list: Fireworks are alway the prettiest and most fun way of celebrating the 4th of July. However, setting off your own fireworks are usually illegal in the Bay Area. So you can go see fireworks show at county fairs. San Francisco also sets off fireworks at the Embarcadaro every year, but it’s always crazy crowded, so I recommend making a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin County Fair. The fair is always a fun summer tradition, and the fireworks at the Marin County Fair in San Rafael, are a more inttimate show, and you can get really good seats, or watch from the top of the ferris wheel. The fair also offer free concerts, and an assortment of amusement rides.

What you should bring: A blanket to sit on to watch the fireworks, hay isn’t that comfy to sit on, and it can get a bit dusty. Also wear light clothes like shorts, since it gets a lot warmer in Marin in the summer.

I'm a Sophomore at San Francisco State University majoring in Journalism. I went to San Marin High in Marin County, Novato, and was attracted to Journalism there too. I wrote for the school newspaper, 'The Pony Express' for two years and also enjoy reading, and shopping.
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