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3 Ways to Stay Awake in Class

After the rush of midterms, we fall back to the routine of lecture classes but lets face it, we rather be getting our beauty sleep. At times we find ourselves rocking back and forth in class, ready to knock out. Y et you don’t actually want to fall asleep in class because for one; it is so not cute, and two; its extremely disrespectful towards your professor. Thankfully I have found three sure way to prevent the embarrassment of falling asleep in class, especially when that cute guy sits right behind you.

  1. Chew Gum!

Yes ladies! Chew that gum because it will definitely prevent you from slamming your head on the table. I always pack two types of gum because each situation asks for a specific gum. For example, the class you are in is a total drag and you cannot seem to keep your eyes open. That’s when you pull out the sugary stick of gum from your bag, and like a slap in the face with a pillow from a care bear, you are awake! Or.. Let’s say you are sitting in class and begin to feel drowsy but the guy you find attractive is near so you get the minty flavored gum to keep you awake and fresh.


  1. Keep your head up.

I have the tendency of looking down on my notebook and doodle random things on it when I trail off on my day dream adventures. That soon changes to a I-need-a-bed-and-warm-blankets-now moment, all because I keep my head down. Therefore to prevent your head from jerking down like a yoyo, try to maintain your head up. This way your eye lids will not feel as heavy.

  1. Drink cold liquids

When your body reaches a certain level of warmness it begins to get cozy and comfortable which can be awful if the teacher is going over something important. Cold drinks not only serve as a refreshment but also a wake up call to your body to prevent it from shutting down and creating that drowsiness. Its also a great excuse to get an iced caramel macchiato. ♥  

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Hey Ladies! My Name is Jessica Romero (: I love the beach, the outdoors, sunsets and clothes! ♥ My intended major is ADM and minor in Journalism. Follow your dreams and empower others to pursue theirs!
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