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3 Tv Shows and Movies That Will Put You in the Autumn Spirit

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Finding a good tv show or movie that can put you into the autumn mood is rare for us fall season lovers. We always see Winter representation once we enter the other beloved season, but what about fall? Despite all our other fall obsessions like snacks, scents, and styles, nothing puts us more in the autumn spirit than a good watch filled with fall scenery, fall fashion, and autumn traditions. Let’s look at some of these motion pictures. 

Gilmore Girls 

         A classic 2000’s favorite that follows the lives of mother and daughter Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Each season of the series contains episodes shot in the fall time. The show is set in a small, adorable town called Stars Hollow. The real set is in Rosewood Pennsylvania, a state notorious for its beautiful tree leaves that turn bright reds, oranges, and yellows during the autumn season. The show is cinematically beautiful, and the first two seasons really can set a fall vibe while you watch. The show presents audiences with beautiful scenery as well as the stylish and cool fashion of the mother and daughter. During the fall they rock chunky thick knit sweaters, boots, and tons of leather blazers. The series is an amazing watch as it incorporates heartbreak and drama while also showing the loving bond between the main characters. The best part of this show is that it’s entertaining and extremely pleasing to the eye with stunning cinematography and set location. 

Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
Warner Bros. Television

Dead Poets Society 

            Dead Poets Society is another classic filmed in 1989 based on the novel written by Nancy H. Kleinbaum. The motion picture stars the famous Robin Williams and young Ethan Hawke. The movie is a cinematic and poetic classic that showcases the lives of seven students who discover themselves with the help of a lively and free teacher at a strict all boy’s private school. The film is heart-breaking, emotive and most of all beautiful. The classic delivers an amazing picture and story, the film won best film in 1989. The story takes place in Vermont, another state that becomes gorgeous during the autumn season. The cinematography focuses on orange and yellow lights, pigments, and shades within the film. The boys’ uniforms incorporate the same shades as well as dark grays and reds. This is an enjoyable movie to watch, and it sets the fall mood instantly as the opening scenes incorporate the scenery of Vermont enhancing the warm toned trees and sunsets. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox 

            Wes Anderson, one of the most cinematically pleasing directors of all time created the cartoon film Fantastic Mr. Fox in 2009 to symbolize the similarity of man and animal. He showcases the very human-like emotions of a family of foxes who battle anxiety, self-doubt, and depression. The movie delivers a cute take on real life issues all humans face. While Wes creates an adorable and important piece, he also creates one of the best fall vibes in cinema ever. The movie is filled with red, orange, and yellow tones creating an autumn scene throughout the entire film. Due to the film being a cartoon the colors are bright and extremely enhanced compared to real life. Like Dead Poets Society, the director adds to the fall vibes by having each character wear warm tones and incorporates autumn leaves and sunsets within the film. The movie is extremely symbolic as well as picture perfect. It showcases the animal instincts humans have in a genius symbolic way and incorporates stunning pieces of artwork throughout the entire story. 

            Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons. The red and orange tones create a warm and cozy feeling within the season. The Halloween decorations like pumpkins and squash that decorate the streets up and down produce spirit and nostalgia for us autumn lovers. It’s amazing to see these aspects within films. The autumn scenery and incorporations of fall colors help us express our admiration for the fall season and make us feel cozy and safe. Indulging in the suggested cinematography listed above will help put you in the fall spirit and can even inspire some fall fashion. We must appreciate and recognize the little number of films and T.V series we have that embrace the beloved autumn season. 

Livia Williams

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