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2023 Halloween Costume Predictions

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Here is a list of the most anticipated Halloween costumes for 2023

  1. Barbie

The streets will be filled with pink this year. We will be seeing different variations of Barbie this Halloween whether it is one of Margot Robbie’s “stereotypical Barbie” looks or an ode to the more nostalgic Barbie films. I would personally love to see the 12 Dancing Princesses as a group costume. 

  1. Oppenheimer

Whether it’s a play on Oppenheimer vs Barbie, a Cillian Murphy dedication, or you just really like Christopher Nolan, I’m expecting this costume to be the second most anticipated of the season.

  1. Elvis and Priscilla

With the craze over Baz Luhrman’s Elvis still lingering and Sophia Coppala’s new movie ‘Priscilla’ already gaining popularity, I feel this duo, or solo, costume will be making many appearances on October 31st.

  1. Daisy Jones And The Six

Daisy Jones and the Six came out earlier this year and we saw the resurgence of 70’s fashion and music, much to my enjoyment. Although the show wasn’t super recent, I know people have been storing their fur coats and flare pants in a safe place for this exact occasion. 

  1. Siren/Mermaid

This costume has been flooding my for you page this entire month, no pun intended. I think mermaids are a timeless costume that can be styled in so many creative ways. I think a cool take would be to recreate Cher’s costume from the movie Mermaids. 

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