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10 for under $10: Rainy Weather Edition

San Francisco winters bring rain, wind, fog, and the bitter chill. While you can’t completely dodge the misery of being outdoors in the elements, you can make it bearable with some economical purchases!



The strongest impact the rain will have on you is if you forget your umbrella that day! Whether you are the type who forgets or loses your umbrella or just want something cheap as a quick replacement, try buying children's umbrellas! They’re perfect for one person, cheap, cheerful, and perfect for punching the gray out of a dreary day. Pop into Daiso to get their cute $2 umbrellas!


Hair Bands 
The damp will wreck havoc on your hair. Rather than try to tame it with hair-damaging heat styling appliances, let you hair go wild! Pull it back and with a gorgeous hairpiece! These gorgeous hair accessories are both under $15 at Forever 21!


Pocket Warmer
Though not glamorous, pocket warmers will feel positively luxurious while you’re waiting in the biting cold. While New Yorkers can buy their edible pocket warmers from the nut vendors, you can opt forsomething that lasts a little longer without the calories. Choose from disposable ones that youcan keep in your pocket or stick on your body, or try this reusable warmer from Snapheat.com! In general, you can find pocket warmers at sports utility stores that carry camping supplies, or Ichiban Kan in Japantown.


Waterproofing Spray

Probably one of the most overlooked items during rain season, waterproofing spray will provide protection against moisture and stains! Choose the correct formula for the item you want to spray, follow the instructions, and you’re good to go! You can find waterproofing sprays online or at sports utility stores that carry camping supplies.Most sprays will cost you $10, and you can use them on several articles of clothing, shoes, and even handbags. Look for Scotch Guard, Aqua Armor, or ask a sales associate!


Wearing a new, thick, cushy pair of socks is like walking on warm clouds. Try a pair of wool hiking socks with your boots and enjoy toasty, comfortable feet 
throughout the day. The padding will also prevent blisters and shield you from impact, so your feet mayfeel better than usual, perfect for giving you that extra spring in your step that you need for jumping in puddles! Don’t worry if your socks aren’t cute: they’ll be hidden in your boots, or you can always layer your socks. Try sockdreams.com or your local sports utility  or army surplus store!


Nothing else will strangle its way into the winter essentials list like a scarf can. Pick them up everywhere: Chinatown, the wharf, downtown, Forever 21, and the local boutique. They come in every color and in tonsof different materials, and you can even make them yourself very cheaply. Try knitting one for yourself (or your boyfriend or friends), or make yourself an infinity scarf by cutting the body off an old, over-sized t-shirt.


The beauty of belts lies in its simplicity and versatility in outfits. Nothing else will beat its ability to define your waistline! Waist belts remain big for this season, especially wide ones. Try wearing it over your outerwear to update your silhouette and give a fresh look to an existing piece in your closet! If you don’t have a favorite one already, try a leather harness-inspired belt or a girly bow belt!



Lipstick Sealant
Bold lips will always be a favorite during the fall  and winter, and for good reason! They brighten 
up the complexion and somehow seem easier to pull off during the cooler months. The only problem with colored lips? The maintenance and smearing! If you have serious problems with your lip color shifting down from your lips during the day and you don’t want to use a lip stain, try using a lipstick sealant. Brush it on after your color, let dry, and you don’t need to worry about your lip color transferring all over the place! Find this as your local beauty store like Sally’s, or drugstores for at most $6.


Red Lipstick
Otherwise known as the “little black dress of the lipstick 
world”, use this classic on your lips for the ever favoritewinter favorite looks, or try one of this season’s unexpected hot looks: bright flushed cheeks. The look evokes youth, health, and spending time outdoors in the cold, bringing up color in the cheeks, and is great for those who just can’t be bothered with makeup. You can multitask your lipstick to act as a cream blush! Find this lipstick at your local Peninsula Beauty Supply or Sally’s Beauty Supply for around $7. Palladio’s Herbal Lipstick in True Red featured here may be discontinued, but you’ll love their True Red or Pure Red.

Wash Towel
Nothing feels more icky and horrible on a rainy day than the rain actually staying on you. While this item may seem a little odd and low tech, having a wash towel around can help you out in many situations, other than mopping off the rain. Use it to cover your sitting surface to protect your clothing or to keep your bare legs from sticking, or wipe off your hands if the bathroom ran out of paper towels—again. Get a cute one from Sanrio for under $10! And resist the temptation to steal the wash towel from the hotel you’re staying at.  

All photos by Hayne Park

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