Your Music Festival Style Guide

Coachella bound and don’t know what to wear? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Crop Tops
A music festival staple! They’re super cute and they will keep you cool. Pair with your favorite pair of high-waisted shorts and you’re set.
Closed-Toed Shoes
As comfortable as sandals are, music festivals are infamous for being dirty and having a lot of people. To avoid stepping in something gross or having your feet get stepped on, go for a cute pair of Converse or booties.
Whether it be a flannel, a distressed jean jacket, or a flowy sweater, you will need to layer. In the desert, it gets super hot during the day and absolutely freezing at night. Layers keep you prepared for whatever the weather is and you will thank yourself later. 
A pretty obvious one but forgotten way too often. Make sure you grab a few pairs of your favorite sunnies to protect your eyes from the desert sun.
Maxi Dresses and Rompers
If you want to keep it simple, maxi dresses and rompers are outfits that stand on their own. They keep you cool and you won’t have to worry about the wind blowing up your skirt. Pick out a pretty, boho one for a laid-back vibe.
You will definitely need a bag to carry all of your stuff and it’s best to make it a part of your outfit. A fanny pack, a fringe cross body, or a boho backpack are all good options and it’s all up to personal preference.
Don’t skip out on this essential. It is important that you protect your face from the harsh sun and, unfortunately, those flower crowns don’t cut it. 
The key to every good festival outfit is personalization and the finishing touches. Flash tattoos, body chains, chokers, or cool hairstyles are all options. Style your outfit the way you like it and show of that killer confidence.