You Need this App: TILT

BREAKING NEWS! We have just discovered the hottest new app that you need to download right away…Tilt! Tilt is a tool that people can use for selling, fundraising and gathering money. It’s the perfect way to see your brilliant ideas come to life! Whether you’re planning a night out on the town, a tasty brunch at the beach, booking a hotel room…whatever…Tilt is the way to do it.

We were able to see Tilt in action this weekend at the House of Blues. Tilt hooked us up with some sweet tickets to see G-Eazy, which was all made possible by students at SDSU! G-Eazy agreed to perform in San Diego if at least 600 tickets were sold (through Tilt)…and guess what…he sold more than double that, and all in the span of a week! Since G-Eazy “tilted”, the event was made a reality, and it was a blast.

People from all over came to the concert and later attended the after party at Fluxx, where G-Eazy continued to serenade fans.

Natassia Costa says "The Tilt app will change all money collecting as we know it. The app is completely free and it’s super easy to get started. Students decide on what to collect money for and set the minimum amount necessary to achieve this goal, also known as the “Tilt amount.” No one is charged unless the minimum goal is met, so really the entire campaign is a completely risk-free, win-win opportunity and one well worth participating in. This means if you have to cancel for whatever reason, no one has to worry about getting their money back."

The possibilities are endless with Tilt, so if you have an idea you’ve been dying to see come to life, the time is now! Download Tilt in the app store today!