“What I Be Project”

If you have checked out Facebook lately, you have probably seen some of your fellow torero’s taking part in Steve Rosenfield’s, “What I Be Project.” This incredible project documents people’s insecurities, and allows them to be honest and open about what they struggle with.

Those who are photographed by Rosenfield state that: “I am not my ______,” and by doing this, acknowledge that they struggle with this issue, but that they are strong enough to not let it define who they are. Rosenfield actually writes the person’s insecurity on their body, and posts the pictures to Facebook, captioning the picture with the “I am not my ______” statement.

By coming to USD and using our students for this project, we are able to find our own insecurities in other members of our community. The “What I Be Project” has allowed our community to become more knowledgeable with the struggles we each face daily. This project has enabled our community to voice their insecurities, allowed other members of our community to relate to them, and fostered a more empathetic community here at USD.