This Week's Campus Celebrity: Scott Thomas

This week's campus celeb is none other than Community Director, Scott Thomas! For those of you who reside in Maher or are on the rugby team, this should be a familiar name. Find out more about this amazing individual!
Her Campus (HC): Why did you decide to become a community director?
Scott Thomas (ST): I participated in residential life throughout my undergraduate and graduate years in college. I served as the Assistant Community Director in the Vistas last year and loved that I got to work with so many people. Now, as the Community Director in Maher, I get to connect with 250 amazing freshman. That’s really the best part, getting to meet everyone in the dorms and building friendships with them.
HC: What was your funniest experience as a CD?
ST: It would have to be this one Halloween when I was a junior. I was an R.A. and I saw this guy dressed as Bane from Batman sitting in the hallway sobbing. He had obviously had too much to drink that night and was extremely emotional. I honestly felt bad for him because he had just recently broken up with his girlfriend. Anyway, he throws his vest off in a fit and continues to sob so I said, “Bane, I’m going to need you to put your vest back on.” I saw an opportunity and I took advantage of it, and I still remember that moment even now.
HC: Why is Maher the best freshman dorm?
ST: Maher has a lot of talented, unique individuals. There are a lot of students who want to be involved in making USD a better place. One example of this is our hall council who works so hard to build school spirit and get people out of their rooms making friends. On top of that, our location is prime on campus and close to the academic buildings. Overall, Maher just has some really great aspects.
HC: Speaking of Maher Hall Council, what has been your favorite event so far this year?
ST: I would say the recent Halloween outdoor movie. We planned it out really well: there was food, a movie everyone enjoyed, and an overall good atmosphere. Even when things came up, like the sprinklers turning on, we were able to act quickly and fix the problem. The best part was just being able to get residents out of their dorms and to enjoy the evening.
HC: So you’re an alum from Boston College? If you had to choose USD or BC, which one would you pick?
ST: Don’t do that to me. They are both great and very important to me, so I would have to pick both. I could never make a decision.
HC: You’re also the coach of the rugby team here at USD. How did you get into coaching?
ST: I played when I was younger and really liked it. So I’m happy I get to coach the team here.
HC: How is your season going so far?
ST: We have a lot of great guys this year. One of the best parts about being a coach is getting to see your athletes grow and become better. 
HC: What has been your best memory coaching the rugby team so far?
ST: Back during my first year as USD’s coach, we made it all the way to the Final Four. We got to travel to the East Coast and play and it was a really cool experience. One of the best parts was realizing that this little, Catholic university was achieving great things just like these other, big colleges. That was really a great season.
HC: As a member of Maher’s community, do you know who Rodger the Raccoon is?
ST: Yes I do. The students in Maher really like him. 
HC: Do you think USD would have more school spirit if we changed our mascot to a raccoon? It seems like everyone gets really excited about Rodger.
ST: It just might. People have a lot of pride for that raccoon and it might just get our students more excited for games and be more spirited.