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This week has definitely been my favorite so far! Paige, Melissa, and I took a weekend trip the Amalfi Coast through Bus2Alps. The adventure started off rocky, for right before I left I discovered that I was coming down with a fever and cold. I’m not going to lie, the seven hour bus ride was miserable. After arriving at the hostel at 3 AM and waking up at 8:30, I had my doubts about the weekend. Luckily for me, things only went up from there! 

    On Friday, we had a relaxing day tanning and swimming in Positano. There were these amazing pesto sandwiches to be enjoyed overlooking the beautiful and clear sea. Everyone was drinking bottles of champagne in the warm water, and some people even went cliff jumping! I took it easy that day because I still had my lingering fever in the morning, but I didn’t feel as if I missed out on anything. At night, we ventured into downtown Sorento known for their yummy seafood. I’m getting hungry as I type just thinking about the pasta with shrimp I ate that night.

    Saturday was the absolute best! We spent the entire day in Capri, which is now officially my favorite place in the entire world. On our boat tour around the island, we were able to take a tiny boat into the “blue grotto.” It is a super dark cave illuminated by the blue water! Words and pictures cannot even describe how incredible it was. After the boat tour, we took a ski lift to the very top of the island. From there, you can see everything! I felt as if I were looking at a postcard.

    We left to return to Florence on Sunday, but before doing so we toured Pompei! It is beyond crazy to think that the remains of the city have been there for more than two thousand years. I love how much history exists in Italy. In Pompei, I ran into my friend Marissa from USD! She is studying abroad in Rome, and Paige and I are going to visit her this upcoming weekend.

    Nothing too exciting happened the rest of the week considering classes are in session. However, on Tuesday, Red Garter had Taco Tuesday! Although they didn’t compare to the tacos in San Diego, it was nice to get a taste of home. They have Wing Wednesday as well, and I know we will be taking advantage of that opportunity. See you next week!

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