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Week 1: Ciao Firenze

Ciao everyone! This semester I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. I’m living in a cute little apartment with three of my friends from University of San Diego. From gelato to gnocchi, everything is located within walking distance. While I’ve only been here four days, Florence is already starting to feel like a home to me. Being in college is a wonderful and weird transitional stage in a girl’s life, so studying abroad might seem intimidating. Even though that is true, it is a once in a lifetime experience to create memories that will last forever as well.  My friends and I have many plans to explore Italy which I will definitely be writing about in this travel blog. Here are some things we have done up until this point!

    After a long and uncomfortable flight, we finally landed in the Florence airport Wednesday afternoon! From the moment we began our drive to the apartment, I knew I picked the right city to study in. The architecture is beautiful, and you are surrounded by so much history. I am living in a room with Paige and Melissa, and our other friend Kelsey is living in a single a few feet away. The first night we kept it casual by simply going out to dinner. The pasta and wine was amazing! I can’t wait to try to best restaurants all over town.

    The second day was even better considering we ate gelato for lunch and dessert. There is a gelateria on the same street as our apartment with so many flavor options! So far, my favorite has to be a combination of coffee with nutella. Besides the gelato runs, we had our first day of orientation at FUA. They gave us a tour of the city because the classrooms are located all over Florence. At first I thought it was a bit strange, but I guess it will improve my geography skills. I have to make it from one side of the city for class to the other in 15 minutes. Stay tuned for how I make it work.

    Friday night so far has been my favorite night here! Kelsey, Melissa, Paige, and I went to an American karaoke club called Red Garter. We embarrassed ourselves by belting Love on Top by Beyonce in front of everyone in the best way possible. I only hope that night was a representation of how my semester will be with them. Whether we lose our way back to the apartment or are just chilling in the room, you can find us laughing most of the time. I am so excited to begin my life here and to share all of my experiences with you!

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