Unique Date Ideas in San Diego

Sometimes dinner and a movie doesn't cut it when it comes to date night. Whether you are with your SO, bestie, or group of friends, there are so many options in San Diego to do something different for a date. Her Campus San Diego has you covered with some different things to do on that day or night you want to spend with the ones you care about. Here are five perfectly different date ideas:
1. Explore the footbridges in Bunker Hill. 
The Spruce Street Suspension Bridge looks as though it came straight out of Monty Python. It was built in 1912 and is still holding strong for visitors to cross Maple Canyon. Baked Bear is the perfect location to venture to after you have explored!
2. Go apple picking. 
There are more than a dozen Apple farms in San Diego. What better way to get into the fall spirit than to explore an apple orchard? This is a super inexpensive option for those who want to get out and explore San Diego. Plus, it will put you into the fall spirit that you might not get with San Diego’s homogeneous weather. 
3. Beachcomber Bingo
On Mondays, the infamous Mission Beach Bar has Monday night Bingo. You can win gift cards, t-shirts, or discounts on your bar tab! The only problem with this option is if your date makes Monday Night Football a priority, then you should probably pass.
4. Ceramic Painting
At Cool Creations Paint Your Own Pottery in Pacific Beach, you can paint ceramic pottery pieces and make them your own. This is perfect to do with roommates, as you can create your own personal plates or mugs and use them throughout the year. Seeing them in the cupboard and reminiscing on the fun times you had making it together is sure to be a great memory. Make sure to take advantage of the ten percent student discount they offer!
5. Broadway Play
It's play season!! This month the traveling Broadway play Annie is showing from November 3-8 and Beauty and the Beast from November 24-29. There are both matinee and night time shows and will definitely be a good time! The play is shown at the San Diego Civic Center and is two and a half hours long.  Personally, I find this date option the best alternative for a movie.