Ten Quirks/Perks of USD

1.     Raccoons

The raccoons of USD. You hate them, or you love them. But it’s always entertaining to see other students run screaming as they scavenged the Founders/Camino trashcans.

2.     The SLP Guy

Although we feel bad that many of us still have not learned his name, the SLP guy is always there to greet us after a long day with a smile and words of encouragement to get through the week.

3.     The Cultural/Holiday Dinner

Speaking of food, some of the best memories of freshman year are the cultural and holiday dinners at the SLP. Plates were never stacked higher, which also meant more than a few rounds of applause for those who dropped their dishes.

4.     The Pool

There are not too many universities that have a tanning area set out just for students. The USD pool is a great place to relax and get your tan on.

5.     The Valley

Sorry to all those in Maher, Founders or Camino, but the Valley becomes its own community freshman year. Having the gym, Mish Caf, and the valley field only steps away made the hike every morning up to campus worth it.

6.     The Valley Stairs

With the Valley, comes the Valley stairs. To all freshmen who dread their daily walk up the stairs, while you may not believe me now, you will miss it one day. Mostly because many of us would count the stairs as our daily workout if we didn’t have time for the gym, but also because it was great way to bond with anyone else who was headed up for their 7:45 am class the same time as you.

7.     Tony the Torero

Tony the Torero is possibly the strangest mascot of any university other than the banana slug. While it is slightly creepy to stare at while you’re eating your dinner, it's always fun to see Tony painted on the SLP windows during Homecoming, or running around taking pictures during Basketball games.


8.     The Reflection Pool

If you have yet to go sit behind the IPJ and enjoy the beautiful view our campus offers of Mission Bay, you’re definitely missing out.

9.     The Tram Drivers

While the USD campus may not seem that big, those daily walks back to the Valley, the Vistas, or Manchester can seem daunting at times. Those are the times we are thankful for the cheery tram drivers blasting Back Street Boys and singing along. The tram is a great way to bond with people who are just as lazy as you are.

10. The BEAUTIFUL views

Last but not least, one of the main reasons many of us chose to go to USD is for the gorgeous views of the ocean. That is one USD quirk/perk we will never be tired of.