The Sweetest Campus Cutie: Adriana Mangione!

Meet this week's Campus Cutie, sophomore transfer, Adriana Mangione!


Hometown: Riverside, CA

Age: 19

Major: Mechanical Engineering.  

Her Campus (HC): How do you feel about starting your sophomore year at USD?

Adriana Mangione (AM): I’m really excited to start the year on the West Coast. Last year I went to school in New York and while I loved being close to Manhattan, there’s nothing like being ten minutes from the beach and having amazing weather year 'round. I’m also really excited about getting more involved on campus and meeting more people.

HC: As it is your first year at USD, what are you planning to get involved in on campus?

AM: I am planning on getting involved with The Society of Women Engineers, Engineers Without Borders, and the Rock Climbing Club. I am also considering rushing a sorority.

HC: What is your favorite thing about USD?

AM: The people. Every person I have met so far has been really amazing and genuine.

HC: What did you do this summer?

AM: I went on a month long trip to Israel!

HC: Wow! What was your favorite part?

AM: Israel was absolutely beautiful and the entire country is filled with so much history. Some of my favorite parts were floating in the Dead Sea and visiting Old Jerusalem. I loved being able to fully immerse myself in their culture and experience the Jewish lifestyle.

HC: What is your dream job?

AM: I’d love to be able to travel around the world while working for a wide variety of engineering companies. My engineering professor was able to travel the world developing patents and I think that would be ideal.

HC: What is your favorite TV show?

AM: Sherlock or Friends.

HC: Favorite movie?

AM: The Breakfast Club

HC: What type of music do you listen to?

AM: Alternative or Indie.

HC: What is your dream date?

AM: I really like to go outside and be in nature. My dream date would probably be some sort of picnic in a park or on the beach.

HC: What do you look for in a guy?

AM: I definitely like a guy to be funny. Having a good sense of humor, being respectful and caring, and having the same values are all very important to me.

HC: Are you single? Our readers are always curious!

AM: No, I'm not. I've been dating my current boyfriend, Ben, for a little over a year!

Thank you for talking to us Adriana! We hope that you love USD!