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The Skinny on Operation Bow Wow

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Diego chapter.


Recently, you may have heard people talking about Operation Bow Wow. So what’s the buzz all about? Operation Bow Bow is a movement that was founded by Jesse Nebres, his Sigma Pi brothers, and leaders of the entire Greek community, with a goal to raise enough money to purchase a guide dog for a blind USD student, Mike Girard.

What makes this movement so special is that students are desperate to help with the cause, which has generated a school-wide buzz. The students of USD are being offered the opportunity to come together and make a difference in a fellow Torero’s life. While Mike Girard may not be able to see with his eyes, we, his fellow scholars, can show him what an impact he has had on our campus community.

Mike Girard is well known by many at USD. 13 years ago he was the victim of a hit and run drunk driving incident, where he lost control of his body, along with his vision. He was eventually able to walk again, but his final goal to reaching recovery is to be able to navigate more efficiently in his everyday life.

“Hearing about everything he has been through being so disadvantageous, I wanted to help him. Mike is such a recognizable guy and it’s been really great to see so many people get involved,” said Nebres (founder of Operation Bow Wow).

YOU too can help. The original goal for these efforts was to raise $20,000 by the end of the semester. However, due to all of the hype, a USD student’s father has agreed to provide free medical and dental care for the duration of the dog’s life. This means the fundraising goal has been lowered to $8,000, which would cover both food and everyday animal care expenses for the entire lifetime of the guide dog.

Yes, we think this is amazing. As Greek leaders, club members, and an inclusive USD community, it is absolutely imperative that we use the resources we are given to help one another, and to create positive change for those who need it most.

What’s even better is the reaction it has sparked from Mike. “He thinks it’s really awesome that people are coming together to help him. He’s overjoyed each time we get to talk to him and tell him about the developments happening with the operation,” said Nebres.

So, how do you get involved? Tell your friends, tell your family, and visit the Operation Bow Wow Website, where you can make a contribution. Help do what we as Toreros and empowered students do best and make this happen! Soon, Mike will be accompanied by a cute, fury friend, and who doesn’t love a pup? 

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