It Isn't All About the Chocolate Eggs

Spring break, the break of all breaks. A time for Cabo and Cerveza&Fries. A time for bikinis and bad decisions, but is that really what it’s meant for? More often that not, college campuses perpetuate this time to be a party time and personally, I always wonder why. Once more, students find a way to forget reality, when reality is most beautiful. The shift into spring brings more than a warming sun—it brings budding flowers going into bloom, pastel eggs of candy and money, chocolate galore and lovely sundresses. And lets be real, every girl looks better in a sundress, right? The season itself is transformative shifting into light and warmth. It is a time of beautiful change and acceptance, and yet we ignore it by drinking ourselves sick and succumbing to disillusion. 


This time is meant for Easter. More than half of American students are not entirely sure what Easter represents much less why we even have a day dedicated to celebrating it. This shows more than ever in our millennial, or X-something generation. We need help, guidance, anything as long as it stops us from being as hateful and judgmental as we are now. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ when he died for our sins. He was laid to rest in his tomb on Good Friday after the crucifixion and rose again on the third day. It is called “Good” Friday because he died for our sins making so much good for us, to be put simply. Because of his brutal death, we live a forgiven life. It is honestly incredibly mind blowing to understand that the Lord had so much faith in us, that He gave His one and only son for our sins. It is a beautiful concept and deserves respect. Easter is meant to remind us that our sins are forgiven; it is meant to show us that the force of love is so great surrounding us, nothing we could possibly do will change that. It is meant to remind us that the most beautiful part of our humanity is our fortitude to love and accept when it is hardest.

Forgiveness is powerful, therefore we are powerful. Holding onto the terrible darkness of hate, hinders our growth and stops us from being the best that we are. So do as spring does and grow and be beautiful! If the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees are doing it, why on earth are we fighting it? So shed the hate and forgive and love. It is in this, that we will find our greatest strengths as humans. Isn't this idea intoxicating, divine, and lovely? I sure think so. 


Not everyone considers themselves religious, much less Christian, but there is a wide group of people that declare themselves spiritual. So, my loves, be spiritual in this moment! Feel that the world is changing to be more beautiful, more kind, and something so much greater than us and our issues. Now more than ever, stop and smell the roses. Although this Easter has already passed, enjoy spring for the transformative and spiritually charged time it is. We are changing college beings, so enjoy yourself, but never be late for Easter dinner. 


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16


He is not here, for he is Risen. Matthew 23:6


With his wounds we are Healed. Isaiah 53:5