If Disney Princesses Were USD Students


Ariel would always be at Mission Beach studying next to the ocean and she and her friends would have the prettiest beach house.


Belle would always be in Copley taking advantage of the thousands of books available. She would do all of her homework in the Harry Potter room and, because of all her time in the library, her GPA would be incredible.


Cinderella would have the cleanest dorm in the entire hall. Because of this, she would be the RAs dream resident and would be friends with all of them. Her wardrobe would always be on point leaving everyone wondering where they could buy such magical shoes. 

Snow White:

Snow White would be very involved in community service, her favorite actvity being working at the animal shelter.


Pocahontas' beautiful voice would lead her to Founder's Choir. She would also have a double major in Music and Political Science with big plans to change the world.


Tiana’s confidence would no doubt be an incredible AS President. She would also be the best roommate because of her mad cooking skills.


Rapunzel’s creativity and eye for art would make her a great part of the TPB team. Because of her, USD’s events would always be exciting and fun.



Merida would be the face of Outdoor Adventures. In fact, she would never be on campus on the weekends because she would be camping or kayaking at Mission Bay.

Sleeping Beauty:

Aurora embodies what every college student has regrettably turned to: sleeping all day. Sometimes, we’re all all Sleeping Beauty, especially during midterms and finals.