Halloween Prep: 6 Costume Ideas

Halloween is just weeks away, which means if you haven’t already thought about what you’re going to wear, it’s time to start brainstorming Halloween costume ideas. Her Campus San Diego has you covered! Grab a group of your friends and start creating outfits, or take these ideas and rock them solo!

Here are 6 perfect Halloween costume ideas for one of the biggest party weekends of the year:

1.    Clueless

Are you obsessed with this classic movie and want to look hot at the Friday night bash? Channel your inner Cher and find two friends to become members in your posse. You can style yourself in so many different ways and still pull off the part, which makes this a perfect option if you just want to use things in your closet!

2.    Three Blind Mice

Although this is a classic costume, it is easy to do and super fun! Some say it is an overused costume, but black never goes out of style… right?! It is also perfect for a minimalist! All you need are pair of black sunglasses, black tank dress, black walking stick, and a pair of mouse ears.

3.    Barbie Through the Ages

Barbie has been through so many different stages. You can take this idea and be Barbie in so many different ways! You can go in a box, or ditch the box since that would be a little uncomfortable on the dance floor.

4.    San Diego Zoo Animals

Want to dress up as something that represents the area you live in? You can make this costume as sexy or conservative as your heart desires. It is perfect for a large group and is easy for others to determine what you symbolize.

5.    SeaWorld Trainers

Another San Diego native costume! This is going to be a bit of a tricky one since you need a wetsuit to make the outfit complete, but if you are a surfer or know someone that owns one totally go for this costume! Alternatively, if you don't want to be trapped in a wet suit, rock the swimsuit look!! Make sure you pack your stuffed dolphin or Shamu. ;)

6.    Mermaids

Every girl in San Diego owns a bikini top, and if you are a part of the exception I am sure you know someone that does. So all you need to do to complete the outfit is head to the fabric store to get some shimmery fabric that you can turn into a tail! This is a super simple, fun costume that lets you show off the abs you have worked so hard for.



Good luck Her Campus readers! Hope your Halloween is full of spooky treats and good times!! Let us know if you tried out any of these ideas or what you ended up wearing on Halloween on Facebook! Don't forget to tag us!