Going Home For Spring Break? We’ve Got You Covered

You don’t have to spend money on plane tickets or hotels to have a great spring break. Here’s how to make the best of your time at home.
Get Some Sleep
Chances are, you left your campus exhausted and/or recovering from midterms week. Take advantage of your break from responsibilities and catch up on rest so you can return back to school ready to finish the semester strongly.
Meet Up With Your High School Friends
While every college has spring break at different times, it’s likely that at least one of your friends will be home the same time as you. Makes plans to hang out and spend time together. Sometimes, FaceTime just doesn’t cut it and you both will appreciate seeing each other in person.
You could travel to a nearby city or find a place in your town that’s unfamiliar to you. Ask around for the best spots to go and you might just find your new favorite coffee shop.
Try Some New DIYs
Explore Pinterest and find everything from beauty tips to super cute decorations you can make for your dorm. It’s a fun pass time and you also will have the advantage of being able to use your mom’s hot glue gun.
Focus on Getting Healthy
Without all the distractions of assignments and deadlines and not being subjected to the greasy dining hall food, make your week at home a healthy one. Find some new habits that you can bring back to school with you, whether they be some healthy snacks or a new workout routine. 
Visit With Your Old Teachers
Teachers love seeing their old students after graduating, especially when they are thriving in college. They were the ones standing by and guiding you through your transition from high school to the real world. Going back up to your old high school and thanking them for everything they did for you is a small gesture that means the world to them.