The End of the Semester, Told by Mean Girls

The end of the semester comes with many ups and downs, acted out by the Plastics.

December 1st comes and you’re excited for the holidays,

Until you realize the only thing standing between you and winter break is taking your finals.

Your fashion sense begins to decline,

And your eating habits go down with it.

Finding out your current grade doesn’t take any pressure off, either.

You have resorted to canceling plans and studying on your weekends.

Have three weeks gone by yet?

You begin reaching out to your loved ones to stay sane,

And your friends know exactly what you’re going through.

You realize that the only thing you can do is just bear down and study hard.

You’re super excited when your professor mentions extra credit.

But wait, why are we still learning new material this close to the final?

Taking your exam and seeing material you were promised wouldn’t be on the final.

But hey, you survived your finals and made it to winter break.