Coming to You Live from USD Radio: Meet Bix Hirigoyen!

Name: Bix Hirigoyen 

Year: Freshmen

Hometown: Mill Valley, California

Major: Communication Studies


What are involved in at the University of San Diego?

I currently have a sports talk radio shows that I do with a partner (Karan Wadhwa) and we are usually on Mondays from 4:30 to 6. Other than that, I plan to rush a fraternity, and possibly apply to be a member of the Alcala Club. Also, I will hopefully play intramural soccer.


What are your passions? And why did that become a passion of yours?

I've always been a huge sports fan. I played baseball and soccer in high school. I learned to walk by kicking a soccer ball and learned to read by reading the sports page in the SF Chronicle. Sports are a huge part of my life and I love every aspect of them. I’m passionate about my family and friends, as well. 

Writers note: After talking with Bix, I learned quite a bit about his family, and they became more and more lively as he spoke of them. They are a huge part of his passion and it reflects when speaking to him.


What do you plan to do with your passion? Will you make it into a career?

I am looking for summer opportunities in the sports media field. I plan on learning more about all sides of the business so I can do this later in life. So yes, I will make it into a career.


What do you love most about USD?

I love the strong community feel of USD. Coming from a really small high school that was important to me. I like that everyone looks out for each other and is truly looking to help.


What legacy do you intend to leave at USD?

I just want to leave (i’m assuming you mean my legacy at usd) this place better than when I got here. Its a great place and I just want to do my small part to keep making it even better. everyone adds their own special something


What motivates you?

I guess my motivation comes from a mixture of those close to me (family and friends) and wanting todo them proud, and just a strong personal desire to be the best at what I do, no matter what that may be


What is your favorite quote? and why?

“There may be people that have more talent than you, but theres no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do” -Derek Jeter


Honestly, I have a lot of favorite quotes, but this one just usually sticks out to me because it’s pretty powerful and it’s honest. Some people have more talent than others for sure, but you can still be the best if you put your mind to something. You have all the power.


It was a pleasure having the ability to meet someone as thoughtful and passionate as Bix. He will do great things and we cannot wait to follow his career to see where he will go, but where ever it is, it will be good. Please make sure to tune into his show, Bix and K on Monday’s at 4:30 and 6. Click into for more information!