Campus Cutie, Abroad Edition: Claire Flynn

Have you been keeping up with Her Campus' campus cuties? Are you wondering about the many cuties that are currently abroad and what shenanigans they are up to? Have no fear, because we are here to shed some light on a cutie abroad! She has a heart of gold, loves to love people, and has a pet tortoise named Petunia. Meet the lovely, Claire Flynn!

Name: Claire Flynn

Major: Environmental Studies and Sociology

Year: Junior

Hometown: Portland, OR

Fun Fact: I have a pet tortoise named Petunia. She's really boring.

HC: Hello lady Claire! What does it feel like to be this week’s campus cutie, abroad edition?

CF: I’m just simply honored.

HC: You're studying abroad and I think that's pretty wonderful! Where are you studying and why did you choose the place you chose?

CF: I’m in Rhotia, Tanzania right now! I really wanted to go somewhere different and my semester abroad seemed like the perfect time to get to actually live in Africa for a bit.

HC: Tanzania?! Crazy cool! How's your experience been so far?

CF: Ugh sooo amazing. There’s thirty of us at a camp right outside of town, so I’ve gotten really close with my classmates; they’re one of the best parts of being here! And our program is a perfect balance of wildlife research and cultural immersion, so we get to go into national parks but also do home stays with local families. I even got to celebrate my birthday camping in Tarangire National Park during our week-long expedition; that was pretty sick! It’s just been really cool to get to know a different culture, new people, and push myself outside of my comfort zone.

HC: Do you have a story/memory that you know you're going to bring back to USD?

CF: Haha there are so many good ones… But during expedition, a vervet monkey literally jumped into our car, climbed over all of us, and stole a banana! Only slightly traumatizing… One of the staff members had to chase it away while we just could not stop laughing.

HC: What's something you've missed about USD since you've been abroad?

CF: Probably the people, I’m so excited to come back and see everyone!

HC: What are you involved with on campus?

CF: Alpha Chi Omega, FUSO, RHA, USD is Elevated, and I intern for the Office of Sustainability!

HC: Tell us a little bit about your lovely self! What are three words your friends would use to describe you?

CF: Friendly, caring, goofy.

HC: What are your hobbies?

CF: Playing guitar/songwriting, hiking and backpacking, reading.

HC: Is there a lucky someone in your life? Are you single?

CF: Yes there is! I’m taken!

HC: Got a celebrity crush?

CF: Dave Franco? Or maybe Andrew Garfield?

HC: What's something you've missed about USD since you've been abroad?

CF: Probably the people, I’m so excited to come back and see everyone!

HC: Got any advice for someone who wants to study abroad?

CF: Really think about what you want out of your abroad experience: something more culturally immersive or somewhere you can travel on the weekends, with people you know or without, there are so many options… And then also just try and push yourself to go somewhere or do something out of the box. Abroad is all about learning and growing!

Well, there you have it! Keep a lookout for this campus cutie when she comes back to USD in the spring! Keep on keepin’ on, Claire! Tanzania is lucky to have you and we cannot wait until you return!