Campus Celebrity: Allie Ross

This week`s campus celebrity is the “One and Only” Allie Ross! You can catch Allie all around campus, as she is a very involved girl! She is one of the sweetest, kindest people around and you will love her from the moment you meet her! You probably know Allie if you have ever had to make a stop in the parking services, since she works at the front desk. Her attitude in the office makes getting a ticket a little less awful. 
Hometown: Tulare, California
Major: Communications with a Double Minor in Spanish and Theology
Year: 2017 (Junior)
Her Campus (HC): What activities are you involved in on campus?
Allie Ross (AR): I'm involved in the PA program as the PAC Member for Globalization. I have also been involved in the founding executive board of the Bull Pit and work at parking services.
HC: What is your favorite event here at USD?
AR: My favorite USD event is the free homecoming concert they bring each year! I`m so excited to see who it is this year!
HC: Favorite genre of music?
AR: My favorite kind of music is mostly alternative but I will listen to anything! My Spotify is the most random assortment of songs ever.
HC: Best place to eat in San Diego?
AR: The best thing to eat in San Diego is the hot meatball sub at Soda and Swine.
HC: Best thing to do in San Diego?
AR: The best thing to do is walk through Hillcrest or go hike the Cabrillo Monument in Point Loma. Hillcrest is so full of life and great people, and the monument is GORGEOUS.
HC: What does your relationship status look like?
AR: My relationship status: taken for two years. Met on the third day of college, actually :)
HC: Favorite class and professor at USD?
AR: I loved my Pauline Theology class with Dr. Gilman. It was so interesting and I learned a lot.
HC: Plans for the future?
AR: My plans for after college are sort of developing, but I'm contemplating graduate school or law school, or I'll just become a personal trainer. Traveling is a super important part of my immediate plans! I've never left the country, so I want to go explore the world before I start working full time.
Thank you Allie! You are awesome, and your work ethic will take you far!! 
As for everyone else reading this post, what are some of your favorite things to do around San Diego? Favorite professors? Places to eat?