25 Annoying Things Only USD Students Will Understand

1. Bringing a jacket to school because even though it’s 90 degrees outside it’s -40 in the classrooms (except for Camino).

2. Walking up the stairs of death if you live in The Valley.

3. Scrolling through 10 sunset pics on Insta in a row.

4. Having to walk to the IPJ to use the restroom when you’re in La Paloma.

5. Pennant Thursdays…if you don’t go the FOMO is unreal.

6. Friday classes…so sorry to all that have to deal with this death sentence.

7. When someone asks where you go to school and they think you said USC. Gets awkward real fast when you have to correct them.

8. NEVER being able to get the schedule you want.

9. Going to your 3-hour…a blessing and a curse.

10. Having to figure out where you’re going for Spring Break (since we live where you spring break).

11. When you HAVE to skip class because the weather is absolutely perfect or it’s raining too hard (okay drizzling).

12. Getting emails from Chuck Bass (it’s really depressing when it’s not from the star of Gossip Girl).

13. Only being allowed 3 pieces of sushi at SLP dinner.

14. An insane lack of school spirit.

15. When you walk into the Harry Potter Room for the first time knowing Harry Potter isn’t actually in there, but still feeling disappointed when he’s nowhere in sight.

16. When every party is rolled before midnight.

17. Having to go to North Mission or PB when you live in South Mission.

18. When your friends from home don’t understand why you're dreading summer (because SD feels like a year-round vacation).

19. When the SeaWorld fireworks wake you up every night.

20. Having 50 leftover meal swipes.

21. Spray painting the grass green…really USD?

22. When you get on the 5 South and accidentally go to Tijuana.

23. When Tu Merc is out of your favorite candy.

24. Getting shushed by the librarian in Club Copely.

25. And finally, freshmen.