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Keep Rocking Those Yoga Pants, Girls

Last week I was proposed a question that I literally didn’t have the answer to. Do guys prefer when girls walk into class dressed down or dressed up? I couldn’t answer this question myself, so I proposed the question to the community of college men I’m friends with on Facebook to end this debate.  
For five days I reposted the survey on Facebook and Twitter, and 55 guys answered my question. The question was simple, and there were four answers the guys could choose from.
Using SurveyMonkey I asked the following question:
‘Hey guys, which styled girl would distract you from paying attention in class?’

  1. A girl in yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and a baseball hat
  2. A girl in tights, pretty dress, and heels
  3. A girl in sweatpants and a t-shirt with your favorite sports team logo on it
  4. A girl in jeans, a dressy shirt and riding boots

55 guys answered the question and out of those 55, 22 (40%) of them preferred a girl wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt. I wasn’t surprised by this because let’s be honest guys are a sucker for a girl in yoga pants. I was quite surprised that 13 guys (24%) preferred a girl in a nice dress and heels. Honestly, who has time to get all dolled up for class in the morning? I admit that I do like to dress up on occasion but what’s the point now? A girl in jeans and a dressy shirt came in second place with 15 guys (27%) and in last place was a girl in sweatpants and a t-shirt with 5 votes (9%).
So girls, we now know that we’re allowed to roll out of bed throw on some yoga pants and hide our messy hair with our favorite baseball hat, and guys will actually love it. I hope this quick and fun survey helped you girls figure out an outfit to wear to class! Remember, simple is usually better. 

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