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Ease Your Moisturizing Woes

Four Tips to Soften Winter Skin

Along with the snow, ice and wicked winds of winter, come cracked heels, flaky elbows and harsh hands. As women, we strive to keep our skin silky soft, but this seems like a daunting task during the chilly months from December to March. We apply layers of lotion and try costly creams just to cover the rough patches on our knees and knuckles. Winter moisturizing seems expensive, time-consuming and often even impossible, but ladies, it doesn’t need to be so difficult. Here are some simple ways of eliminating that dry skin lurking underneath your jeans and long sleeved sweaters.

Moisturize while showering:
Certain soaps can intensify that dry skin on your elbows and knees. Try using a body wash that contains lotion or other moisturizing contents. It won’t dry out your skin, and may even help it get back to that silky soft touch of summer. Also, try a body wash that exfoliates so that you get rid of the dead skin.
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Heal your heels:
Your heels, elbows and knees often require special attention during the winter. Try using a thicker lotion to eliminate those cracks and white flakes. Apply it nightly, and soon your feet will be flip-flop ready! (Spring break anyone?!)
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Don’t forget your face:
Fragrant body lotions or cleansing body washes won’t help you get a soft face. You need a face lotion that will treat the dry skin near your nose and on your cheeks. A lotion with SPF is preferable because even the winter sun can harm your skin. Just make sure whatever face lotion you choose is not too heavy, for you don’t want it to cause breakouts. 
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Get soft skin in your sleep:
They may look funny, but moisturizing gloves and socks can really help soften your skin. Just slip them on your hands or feet and let them work their magic. Instead of waking up to splitting heels and flaky hands, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with skin that isn’t rougher than your nail file.
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