Your Political Voice Matters

After reading an article about voter apathy, I worried that hopelessness would silence the voices of the people. Social media outlets could tell you that voting is hopeless because the leaders in our system already have already been chosen or will not act in the interests of the people.

 News outlets could tell you that the information that is released on other outlets are either false or bias. Peers could tell you that voting is pointless because there is not enough time with all the assignments and exams.

If you chose to believe those statements, then you will choose to give up your agency to make a difference. Many of us can find problems but may not know how to solve those problems and that is okay. Below are ways that you can fight against the issues that you disagree with:



I am sure you have heard this a million times, but education is one of the most important things that you can do to raise your political voice. If you are interested in a political topic, it is very likely that there are some resources that focus on that issue.

Resources can be found on databases that discuss the issue in the past or you could find sources that focus on the current issue. Some sources will focus on the origins of the problem while other sources will highlight groups that are doing something to solve the problem. Education is power.

The more you know about a topic, the more you will be able to come up with solutions to relieve that issue. Education can help as you are deciding who to vote for. The good news is there is a political figure who is passionate about the same things as you. Finding that person may take some digging, but the relief of being able to connect to someone working on solving the issue that you have been fighting for will be worth it.

Talk About It

Gather a group of people who are passionate about the same cause that you are passionate about. You know what they say, “there is strength in numbers.” I promise that you are not the only person bothered by an issue—even if you feel like it.

There isn’t anything that is more powerful than a group of passionate who are dedicated to relieving problems. You could talk to your peers in class or at work or in the café, or you could talk to your political leaders.

The website Tweet Congress allows users to type in keywords to see what people in congress have been saying about the issue. You also have access to their social media accounts to either praise the work that they have been doing to solve the issue or encourage them to devote some time to the issue. If Twitter is not your thing, you could always call the office of your politician to ask what they have been doing regarding the issue. The power is in your voice.

Act on It

Action can take many forms. You could always vote on the issues that you are passionate in or the candidates who have the same passions as you. Nov. 6, voters will have the opportunity to take control of their political livelihoods.

Early voting has already started, and absentee ballots are available for people who are not in the district that they registered to vote in. For those who mistakenly forgot to register to vote, there are other options to act on the issues that you are passionate about. This includes hosting events that connect the campus and community and participating in events that align with the causes that interest you. You can also join or start clubs that align with your cause.


All of the power is in your voice.

Nobody can take your political agency away from you.