Why I Love Grace and Frankie

If you’re looking for a great comedy to binge watch, Grace and Frankie is your show! This show follows the lives of two women that have been rivals for years. Jane Fonda plays Grace, the smart business woman with a no-nonsense attitude and Lily Tomlin is Frankie, a hippie artist. They’re forced together after their respective husbands tell the pair they’re divorcing the women for each other. Shocked by the news that their husbands are gay, the two women begrudgingly start to set aside some of their differences, which starts their hilarious friendship. 

The show touches on serious topics like coming out, gay marriage, and growing older while still keeping a comedic light touch. Highlights from the show includes the women dating again, inadvertently killing a woman, and even starting a vibrator company for older women. 

The show also focuses on the lives of their families, including their ex-husbands Sol, portrayed by Sam Waterson, and Robert, portrayed by Martin Sheen. Their storyline follows their adjustment to being openly gay, understanding their sexual needs, and redefining the important role that Grace and Frankie still play in their lives.

Memorable Quotes from the Show include:

“Have you ever wondered if Ben and Jerry make more than ice cream together?”

“It’s kind of like a microphone.”  - “Oh, it’ll make you sing.” 

“I gained another pound today, but I think it’s a pound of knowledge.” 

“She’s my best friend. Break her and I’ll break your face.”

The first four seasons are currently available on Netflix.