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Why I Broke my Lent Fast a Week Before Easter

Easter was literally a week away, and I broke Lent.

I gave up Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, my biggest addiction was Twitter. A friend and I decided together that if we did it that together, we could hold each other accountable. Honestly, I was using him to help me and he just did it I guess to see if he could.

Before Lent started, I would get on social media even before brushing my teeth. As soon as I get up,  I am in search of my iPhone, ready to take on the blue screen with white letters catching up on celebrity gossip (that has nothing to do with my life), catching up on friends, funny post about Black people, more racist nonsense that should not exist, and pictures that I do not even favorite.

I was honestly addicted, I would even pull up a dual screen in class, class notes on the left and Twitter on the right. It got to the point that participating in Lent was the only way to save me from the black hole. When I started Lent, I put all social media into its own group called “Cannot Touch Until April 21”. It was hard, and I was doing really well until one night of sadness drew me back, I signed into Instagram (the most boring site of them all).


I just kept it a secret and I tried to hide it from God, knowing damn well he can see me! My friends were very supportive of my fast but at the same time, they would say “...too bad you’re not on Twitter cause you need to see this” In my head, I was like “Bitch you’re not helping me get right with the Lord!” but it was my job to be strong and not look at their social media.

But I did! I would look at it when it was on their phone not mine, sometimes I would use other peoples fingers to type for me on MY social media (at least I don’t cheat in real life on people or test that’s still good right?). I was so close and I am not a big religious person. I do believe in God but I am human and I make mistakes. Lent is a time for self- examination and reflection. So in this article I shall self-reflect.  

I will hold myself accountable instead of blaming other people for my down fall. I made it 33 days out of 40 (with Snap and Instagram), I made it all 40 days with Twitter (that is still okay, right?) In this day and age, that is difficult for any millennial and Gen Z. I will always carry with me the fact that I broke my Lent, and that God is probably disappointed but that is message of Easter, God took on our sins, died for them for we know not what we have done, and rose again!

I have failed and I shall rise again stronger. My excuse as to why I broke Lent is not as good but that is another thing about myself that I have learned. I broke Lent, but I can do anything I set my mind to. Temptation is a real thing, it gets to real people, and it’s a real problem, our will power just needs to be strong.

Everyone fails at something, everyone tries to sacrifice. Some can, and some fall a little short, this beauty in it all is that you can try again and work harder the next time. Fall down seven times and get up eight. Do not forget that you are human and things happen. Confess, embrace, and move on until next time.


Kiela Edmond

Salisbury '19

A senior at Salisbury University. Kiela loves food, traveling, and trying new things. It will always be a dream of hers to travel to Greece. She is an Exercise Science major that plans to work for the NFL or NBA. Kiela believes in body positivity! and loving yourself :)
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