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Why Aminé Is One of the Purest Artists Out Right Now

You may know Aminé from his catchy song ‘Caroline’, which was on everyone’s summer playlist.

Here’s a rundown of why Adam Aminé Daniel, 23, is one of the most influential rappers of our generation:

  1. He performed on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” a couple days after the presidential election last fall and in his television premiere revamped a verse in ‘Caroline’ to voice his frustration with Trump and America. He began with “9/11 a day that we never forgetting. 11/9 a day that we all regretting,” and ended with, “You can never make America great again/All you ever did was make this country hate again.”
  2. He’s so humble that when ‘Caroline’ began to top charts, he began talking about how the lyrics didn’t make the song. He really loves to make beats, create music, and hangout with his friends like everyone else.
  3. During a performance of ‘Caroline’, he substituted his line “West Side N-word” with the line “If you not black don’t say it.”
  4. He’s creative and truly down to earth. This is shown through all his music videos he writes and directs himself. Watch the music video for Caroline and Spice Girl to see what I’m talking about.
  5. Aminé recently emphasized he wanted to make sure his co-star, who had a nude scene in the first second of the ‘Spice Girl’ music video, was completely comfortable. Though this is something that every artist should do, the fact he’s very openly considerate is sadly refreshing.

The list could go on and on, but I’m proud of the accomplishments Aminé has made. By being unapologetically Black, goofy and creative, he’s giving the youth of today a pretty positive role model.

Amalia Parran is a senior at Salisbury University. She is Co-Correspondant for Her Campus Salisbury. She loves to learn about other cultures, and how they differ from her own. Currently, she spends her free time watching anime and volunteering at the Wicomico Humane Society. After she graduates, she hopes to work for a marketing company in the DMV area.
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