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What Has Trump Accomplished During His Presidency?

If you’re completely clueless to the actions of our government officials, there’s no need to feel too behind. According to a poll from the University of Pennsylvania, more than one in three people could not name a single right protected by the First Amendment. Additionally, one in three could not name any branch of government. Though it affects everyone directly, many citizens are apathetic towards politics. Regardless of whether you admire or despise Trump, the following list showcases a few of his accomplishments through the past year. Believe me when I say there are many.

  • Obtained the lowest approval rating (39%) of any elected president in his first term.


  • The sexual assault accusations against Trump were in the national spotlight, essentially paving the way for Harvey Weinstein and others like him to be outed in the entertainment industry.
  • The various scandals involving Trump has improved the number of newspaper subscriptions and the quality of investigative reporting. Considering the Obama years were scandal-free, Trump is keeping the media on their toes.


  • More people are donating to progressive organizations such as ACLU and Planned Parenthood


  • Citizens are even more concerned with repairing issues related to diversity in America.


  • Trump’s hate fueled messages and racial intolerance has increased positive attitudes toward Muslim people.


  • There’s no denying that Trump goes on more Twitter tirades than any other president. On top of that, he continues to undermine his presidency with baseless tweets.



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