What Happened to That One Artist?

Have you been riding in the car and hear an old song you haven’t heard since like 2003?

Well, I’ve looked up some of the artists who wrote those early to mid 2000s classics, to see what they are up to, and bring you this article.




No one in middle/high school could deny B.O.B. was killing the game. With songs such as "Airplanes", "Magic", and "Nothin’ On You", we thought he would be around for many years to come.

And yet, here we are. So, where is he now?

Well, his last album was Ether released 2017, but he has been up to something a little crazy. According to Hot New Hip Hop, he’s actively supporting the "flat Earth theory", so much so he’s apparently fundraising to launch a satellite into space to investigate the shape of the earth.


Asher Roth


Our youth would not have been completed without Asher Roth, who dropped “I Love College” in the winter of 2009. Many thought this ‘rapper’ would be the next Eminem…

And yet, here we are. So where is he now?

He’s actually been dropping music, mostly on Soundcloud, but he hasn’t gotten as much attention for these songs as he did from “I Love College.” It’s still safe to say he’s not the next Eminem.



Akon is one artist we haven’t gotten viral/award winning music from in sometime, but that doesn't mean he’s not working. He has been hard at work for years constructing wells, building lighting, and giving back to those in need. Most of his work is centered around countries in Africa. You can see more of him on his website where he displays all of his Instagram posts.

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