What do the Midterm Election Results Mean for Maryland’s Environment?

Tuesday Nov. 6, Governor Larry Hogan was re-elected into the state of Maryland’s (MD) office with a 56% lead. In his campaign, Gov. Hogan appealed to MD voters by asking them what changes they wanted to see.

After listening to voter concerns, Hogan worked to improve education, roadways, businesses, and the bay through the increase of funding in these areas of interest.

Gov. Hogan’s re-election displayed the voters’ satisfaction with the work that he has already done in MD. Since MD is known for being a Democratic state, the re-election of Gov. Hogan shows that there is bipartisan trust in his abilities to improve the MD environment.


What does this election mean for the environment?

Gov. Hogan has showed that he is willing to fund projects that will benefit the residents in MD. At the Chesapeake Bay, Gov. Hogan claimed to have a desire to repair the damage that was done to the bay. This claim was backed up by investing four million dollars into restoration efforts (Hogan).

On the Eastern Shore, Gov. Hogan put in place limitations for the amount of chicken waste on the farms. This benefits those who live in the area because the waste ends up into the waterways and in the foods that we eat.

While people have critiqued some of the work that Gov. Hogan has done for the environment, he has done enough in his first term where he can pick those projects up in the second term and do more now. We will see what Gov. Hogan will do next for the state of MD.