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Watch & Learn with Lisa Onuoha

Like most girls I am an avid watcher of makeup tutorials, skin care routines, and hauls on YouTube. The beginning of this year I came across Lisa Onuoha’s channel a young girl from the Netherlands who does makeup tutorials, hauls and vlogs. Loving her killer style and skillful makeup tutorials I had the opportunity to ask her for an interview.

HC: How did you get started on YouTube? What drew you to posting videos on the platform?

LO: I’ve been watching YouTube videos ever since I can remember. I dreamed of becoming a YouTuber myself and posting videos like the people I was watching. Then in the beginning of this year I finally decided to purchase a camera and set up my channel. I’m so happy I did because it has been an amazing journey so far!

HC: How do you come up with the various concepts for your videos? Is there a type of video you prefer filming over the other?

LO: I usually think of what videos I personally search for when I’m browsing around the website. I also always try to take requests from my viewers and film them when possible. I like filming fashion and makeup videos a lot, but I feel like sit down (advice) videos are probably my favorite because I love to talk haha!

HC: How would you define your style? Do you think living in Holland has any effect on your style?  

LO: I don’t think I have one specific style, I just kinda take inspiration from the people around me, celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner and fashion bloggers. I feel like in the city that I live in people dress kinda basic which definitely had an effect on my style growing up. Now that I’m older I don’t really care about that anymore and I just wear whatever I want. I love going to Amsterdam though, because there’s so much diversity and I always get inspiration from the people there!

HC: What are your favorite 2017 beauty trends so far?

LO: I love all the warm tones a lot. I’ve seen so many makeup looks using oranges, reds, coppers etc. And I also really like the makeup looks using bright colors. Of course highlighting is still a huge trend which I’m absolutely obsessed with!! I think skin care also was a huge trend this year, and I’m happy about that because taking care of your skin should come first before makeup. If your skin looks really bad and isn’t well taken care of, your makeup won’t look half as good!

HC: Who is your makeup inspiration?

LO: I’ve been following this girl on Instagram called Brookelle (@bybrookelle) and I’ve actually known about her for years. Like I’m talking 9-year-old me going through an emo phase lol! Her makeup looks are soooo good I always get inspiration from her.

HC: What has been the biggest challenge with starting YouTube?

LO: Probably finding the time to film and edit my videos. Especially when I was still in school full time, working and also had an internship to go to. I’ve finished school now and I’m gonna start working full time in October which will be a challenge but I’m willing to put all my time and effort into it! YouTube is definitely a passion of mine.

HC: What can we expect from Lisa Onuoha in the future?

LO: I’m hoping to grow my channel, make better content for my viewers and be able to inspire and help more people with my videos. And I definitely am making it a goal to move to the USA!

To keep updated with Lisa here are all of her social media links:


YouTube: @Lisa Onuoha

Instagram: @lisa.onuoha

Twitter: @lisaonuoha

 Snapchat: @lisaacmo







Hey guys! Bobbi Amar-Atsen is a graduate of Salisbury University with a Bachelors in Business Management and a concentration in Human Resources. When she is not binge watching Black Mirror or The Get Down she is reading a Thousand Splendid Suns by Hosseini (again) and taking long meaningful walks to her fridge. In her spare time she enjoys taking photographs of the beautiful people, and scenery around her. In the future she hopes to open up her own nonprofit organization in Ghana and work for a large company. She joined Her Campus Salisbury to gain more experience with writing, and connect with other empowering women.
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