The Walking Dead: Heart-Wrenching Season 7 Premiere [SPOILER ALERT]

Sunday night’s premiere of the walking dead was tragic to say the least. It was definitely a depressing yet effective way to start this year’s season. After the season 6 finale in April fans were left on edge upon realizing one of our beloved characters was bludgeoned by Negan’s bat “Lucille”. Even more teasing was the fact that the murdered character was kept a secret for 6 months. Die hard and even minor fans have awaited this moment for what seems like forever but it’s safe to say we still weren’t emotionally prepared. 

Fans were shocked to learn that Negan’s victim was one of the strongest characters Abraham Ford. Even more shocking was the unexpected death of Glenn Rhee. Actor Steven Yuen stated that his character Glenn died in a very Glenn way.  Glenn’s final words “Maggie I’ll find you” reveal his caring and selfless nature. We all probably let out a tear after hearing that. The same applies to Abraham whose final words “suck my nuts” reveal his tough demeanor and strength in the face of death.

Writers made sure to heighten the gore factor by showing Abraham’s mangled body and Glenn’s eye popping out of its socket. No one wants to witness their favorite characters dying in the most brutal way possible but this scene made the show believable. The show does take place during a zombie apocalypse after all. Even our strongest heroes are sometimes defeated.

Aside from the deaths of two important characters watching the slow breakdown of Rick caused audiences to understand the all is lost feeling the group must feel. Throughout all 7 seasons Rick Grimes has proven to be a tough, adamant leader. He even threatens to kill Negan, whom is towering over Rick after killing two people in his group. His bold attitude is short lived as he breaks down in tears upon realizing he is given the choice to cut off his son’s arm or watch his whole group be killed. It was at this moment that Rick and viewers realized Negan has complete power. An immense power they won’t be able to break free of for quite some time. It will be interesting to see how this season plays out after such an intense premiere!