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True Life: I Suffer From Writer’s Block

Yes… writer’s block, or even worse, writer’s constipation, I like to think of it as writer’s block, but to the tenth degree, the most severe form. As I embark on my quest to learn how to better articulate myself, not only orally, but through writing, I find myself struggling with something almost every author— novice, or award-winning— struggles with.


As almost anyone can relate, writer’s block comes at the most inconvenient times, you know exactly what you want to say, but nothing ever comes out. The feeling of stress overwhelms you because you know you are capable of a whole lot more than you put down on paper. Even when you manage to get something out, it’s not what you intended and it definitely isn’t enough. Writer’s block is by far the one of the top most intimidating writing hurdles.


Is there a cure?

The block is inevitable. However, like most diseases there are ways to make the symptoms a bit more manageable and less frequent, keep in mind there are also a few things you should never do.


How to make writer’s block easier:

  • Take breaks
  • Worry less about sounding politically and grammatically correct in the rough draft stage
  • Listen to music
  • Write down any little thing that pops in your head
  • Write as if you’re taking to your best friend on the phone
  • Write about the writer’s block you’re having… kind of like what I’m doing now


Things you should never do:

  • Read other people’s articles/work
    • Doing this leaves an open window for people’s thoughts to unconsciously become your own
  • Give up
    • Keep in mind that the writer’s block you experience is only temporary
Irene Senaya

Salisbury '20

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