The Top 5 Essential Apps

In this day and age when almost every Millennial (or Gen Z-er) is glued to their phones, sometimes I get curious about what apps they use the most, and feel are the most important. Everyone’s apps and the reasons they love them are always so different, so I decided to share my current top 5 favorite iPhone apps.

1. Medium


Medium is an online publishing platform created to give amateur and professional writers a platform to share their writing and ideas with other users. When using Medium, you can customize the topics you are interested in reading more about so that articles that spark your interest are the ones you see first.

This app is definitely my number one and I use it every morning. Instead of jumping straight onto IG or Twitter in the morning, I try to read a couple articles to get me thinking about thought provoking topics.


2. Canvas


As a college student, this app is basically a no-brainer. Canvas helps me stay on top of my assignments on the go. It’s easy for me to check my grades and communicate with other classmates a whole lot easier. During the school year, it is one of my most used apps, but once the school year ends it is the first app I delete (for my mental sanity).


3. Cashapp


I always gotta keep this app download in case someone wants to send me money. The life of a broke college student gets way too real.


4. Notes

Personally, my note are my sacred space. The typical Millennial will get uncomfortable if someone tries to look through their photos, well that is the way I feel about my Notes app. I hold my deepest thoughts to my grocery list to my drafted IG captions to my various account passwords. My Notes app is where it gets real.


5. Music


Well, duh. This just had to be in the top five! Who doesn’t love music?!?!