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SU’s Project KISS holds second annual Rubber Runway fashion show

Condoms are useful for preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, but they also might make a decent evening gown.

Source: Natasha Hawkins

About 120 students gathered in Holloway Hall for the second annual Rubber Runway fashion show held by Project KISS, or Keep It Sexually Safe. Project KISS director Deneen Long-White said high rates of STIs on the Eastern Shore prompted the fashion show.

“It’s a fun way to get the word out, and I’m all about having fun when you are learning about health,” Long-White said. “It gives students an opportunity to take the lead.”

Salisbury University and University of Maryland Eastern Shore students both modeled and designed to compete in different categories including evening wear, spirit wear and drag.

Source: Natasha Hawkins

Some of the outfits included a condom handbag, a rubber sundress paired with rainboots and a cheerleader with a condom skirt, which won first place in the spirit wear category.

Dance performances were given during intermission by the African Student Association and Alpha Phi Alpha.

Audience member Sadé Simone has gone to Project KISS events in the past. She found that this event was very different.

“It energized me,” said Simone. “It was exciting seeing that someone could make clothing out of [condoms], so overall it was a very fun experience although it was a little strange”

Source: Natasha Hawkins

Project KISS is an organization funded by the Maryland State Health Department to encourage students to have safe sex and get regularly tested for STIs. Largely a student run organization, Project KISS has peer health educators, like KennyAnna Oge, who help spread awareness among students through information tables, open discussions and events like the Rubber Runway.

Oge wants to help students be more aware of their sexual health.

“A lot of people are squirmy with the whole sexual health topic,” Oge said. “But we’re still trying to act as a driving force to encourage people to not be ashamed and to know their status.”


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