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Study Hacks to Help You Achieve Your 4.0 Goal This Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Salisbury chapter.

Every year, the semester turns out the same way: we start off strong and tell ourselves we’re going to earn a 4.0 and then somewhere in between, we slack off. It’s time to stop this cycle. Let this be the semester where you start out strong and finish even stronger. Who knows, it may even pay off with some scholarship money for all your hard work! Check out these study hacks to help you achieve all your academic goals this semester!

1. Make a Study Playlist

Depending on the type of music, listening to some tunes can actually help you focus on the task at hand.Classical music and jazz are great choices. Soulection Radio on SoundCloud contains hours of good vibes music that are perfect for any study session. 

2. Rewrite Your Notes

Sounds tedious, doesn’t it? However, re-writing your notes helps with memorization. It also can help you organize your information in a more efficient manner.


3. Create a Study Schedule 

Creating a schedule gives you structure and a solid foundation. When you make your schedule divide your classes into study units and then divide it into days. You should should study each class for at least 45 minutes each day. Also use color coding to help you remember which class is which. 

4. Use Index Cards

It is proven that studying with index cards helps with active recall of material that you studied. If you’re tech savvey quizlet is a great source for making electronic index cards that you can take everywhere. 

5. 20 Minutes On/ 20 Minutes Off

Studying for hours and hours isn’t healthy for your brain, so make sure you take breaks. Taking breaks, whether it’s going for a walk or watching a tv show, will help improve your attention once you return to studying.

6. Download an App to Help With Distractions (Freedom, Unplugged)

Stay off of social media when you’re studying! The Freedom App and the Unplugged App both received great reviews because they help people keep their distractions at a minimum so that they can get their work done.

7. Go to Bed at Night

Sleep is not for the weak. Make sure you try to get at least eight hours of sleep. Your brain and your body will greatly appreciate it!

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Jeremie Davis is an ambitious eighteen year old who has plans to change the world. While writing for her high school newspaper, she discovered her passion for writing, in which she contributed numerous works to the award winning newspaper. Jeremie also has a strong passion for Theater. She has been acting since she was ten years old. Jeremie is currently attending Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, where she is majoring in Early Child Education with a minor in Theater and Journalism. Along with writing for Her Campus, Jeremie is apart of Tiger TV, a newly produced student-run news show, located on Morehouse College's campus. After two years Jeremie plans to go to Yale School of the Dramatic Arts where she will earn her Doctorate’s Degree in Fine Arts. In her spare time, Jeremie enjoys watching Netflix, belting out show-tunes, biking, and hanging with family and friends. Her ultimate goal in life is to become either a successful actress or a news correspondent in the entertainment world. She lives by the motto “If you work hard, you get to play hard.”