Short Girl Survival Guide: College Party Edition

Being four feet eight inches, I think it’s safe to say I’m a bit short. I mean, aside from my height on my driver’s license, I also get comments from strangers about how small I am. The most iconic one is most definitely from high school when a girl I barely knew exclaimed, “OMG you’re so short I just wanna push you into a bush!” So yeah…it’s most definitely safe to say that I’m short.

There’s a lot of things I’ve had to learn because of being vertically challenged and I figured the rest of the world should know. These hacks will be party related because after talking to my taller friends I’ve learned that short girls party differently.

  1. Wear heels or wedges if that’s your thing but make sure they’re comfortable for the entire night. I don’t know about you, but when I take off my heels at a party, I’m instantly lost in a sea of people. Try finding heels with a thick heel and a high platform for extra height and comfort. (My faves are Jeffery Campbell Lita’s)

  2. Have a plan if you do get lost. I know it sounds childish but when your phone dies and the party is packed it’s hard to find your ride home. Plan to meet in the kitchen or at the entrance if you notice that the group somehow split up.

  3. Don’t get mad if you get bopped on the head. I’m 100% serious when I say I get smacked on the top of my head at almost all parties. While we’re on the topic, you will most likely get elbowed in the face so be cautious when the beat picks up and things start getting wild.

  4. If you’re dancing on someone, don’t be embarrassed about dancing on their shins or knees. It’s bound to happen if the height difference is big enough.

  5. Most importantly do as my twitter bio says, “4’8 but my attitude 6’3,” and carry yourself like a tall person and you (might) not be treated like a shorty.


The one good thing about being short is you can make a speedy exit whenever you’re ready to go. So embrace the shortness and have fun partying!