Screenwriter Issa Rae Shares the Life Lessons She's Learned

This month, Issa Rae (along with her radiant skin) graced the cover of Essence Magazine’s April issue. In it, she is featured sharing some of the life lesson she has learned. So, without further or do let’s get into it!

  • No attention from the guys

Ladies, we all know we tend to relish attention from a gentlemen suitor. However, even though Issa found herself not receiving the attention she relished, she feels that this allowed her to focus on being smart, respected and accomplished. She wants men to like her for her mind, and feels it taught her to not only value physical attraction; so relatable.

  • Manifest the life you want 

Though this is cliché, Issa found that boredom allowed her creativity to flow. In fact, many of her ideas concerning characters and story lines came from her imagination. This resulted in many of her successes including “Insecure.” So, don’t be complacent ladies!

  • Your growth will secure you

Growing up, with an African-American mother and a Senegalese father Issa was surrounded by beautiful melanin and believed within herself they were the most beautiful people. When she got to middle-school her insecurities kicked in as classmates made fun. However, her success as a writer and comedian blossomed the loss confidence she had.

  • Anything can happen

A lot of times we get use to the same struggles and lack of diverse representation in the media. Growing up, Rae saw a lack of representation of her skin color in magazines. She was later delighted to see African American women represented for make-up promotions. So, ladies remember don’t give up on your hopes, anything is possible. Last but certainly not least don’t forget to check out the full story in this month’s Essence issue.