Salisbury University’s Pick for New Organizations: Caribbean Student Association

As far as campus organizations go, Salisbury University (SU) has a little bit of everything to accommodate the interests of their students. One of these organizations is dedicated to a small population of students attending the university and it also represents the different cultures that are positively impacting the world today. This new organization came to Salisbury University at the beginning of the 2017 fall semester to spread knowledge about Caribbean culture and help creatively dissipate any stereotypes that are associated with the culture.

Her Campus decided to sit down with the President of the Caribbean Student Association (CSA) at SU, Josue Louissaint, and discuss some of what went into reviving the organization, and what plans or events they intend to implement to lead to the success of the new organization.

HC: What is the goal of the Caribbean Student Association?

JL: It is to bring knowledge about Caribbean culture to Salisbury as well as something new to represent the Caribbean background that some of their students have.

HC: Who are the executive board members of CSA?

JL: As you already know, I am the organization’s president. Johnathan Regnis is my Vice President. Marquis Holland is our secretary and Steven Williams is our treasurer. Our Public Relations are being managed by Mike Mofor and our S.G.A Representatives are Jhané Taylor and Gessika Bridgeforth.

HC: Are there any upcoming events we should look out for?

JL: We have planned a dance and some fundraisers. Next semester, we plan on having a carnival and a cookout in May.

HC: How does it feel to be the president of a campus organization?

JL: I did not know that the amount of responsibilities that come with it would be would be as hectic as this. It’s a new challenge that I am glad to be a part of.

HC: What do you think is important for people to keep in mind when they go to CSA meetings?

JL: I would say expect to learn and have fun. In our mission statement, it says “teach non Caribbean students about our heritage.” We want have fun while we teach the campus new things.

HC: What is one thing that you want the organization to be known for?

JL: We want the CSA to be known as the organization that faded out but had enough resilience to come back and leave a positive impact on the students, campus and surrounding community. We would like for the Caribbean Student Association to continue and extend after we graduate.