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Salisbury Celebrates Earth Week

As many may know, Earth Day is very important to the United States. Starting from elementary school up throughout college, many students and teachers celebrate Earth Day while being involved in numerous events.

This year, Earth Day is Saturday, April 22nd and many people have activities leading up to this day, making it Earth Week.

Here at Salisbury University, the Student Government Association (SGA) and others have their own Earth Week. Each day of the week there were events which involved students in receiving free t-shirts.

On Monday, there were smoothies and a movie to watch in regard to Earth Week. On Tuesday, there was a recyclable art contest and also a divestment panel. Wednesday, anybody could get their own plant to pot.

Thursday was a great day, a day called recycle madness. Recycle madness is where you would have to bring all of your recyclable items. It also was a competition between student organizations to see who would bring the most items to recycle.

To enter the competition you would have to bring at least 75 lbs worth of recyclable items, 1st place would win $150, 2nd place $100 and 3rd place $50.

At Salisbury University, it was not just the SGA that was involved in Earth Week, students in group projects from different classes were also involved. There were a few group projects that had fun activities for students walking to their next classes. One of the activities were to see if you actually knew what you could and could not recycle.

I decided to join the fun. The group would choose items out of a box and ask me if I could recycle the item or not. I did a lot better than I thought I would do and that made me happy.

Overall, Earth Week was great and it showed that many people want the earth to be amazing now and forevermore.




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