Representation of Women of Color on YouTube

As many of you know, YouTube is one of the best places to go for your DIY and How-To needs. You can literally find a channel for just about anything you have interest in.

YouTube has been my go-to for makeup and hair tutorials since I was in the eighth grade. However, when I got more into hair and makeup; I noticed that some of the hairstyles didn’t quite come out like the girls in the tutorials I watched and when I went to buy the makeup products they used in their tutorials, several companies didn’t have products made for my skin tone.

Back then, there weren’t nearly as many beauty gurus to represent women of color as they are now. Today there is a channel for every skin tone, skin type, and hair texture you can imagine!

The representation of women of color on YouTube has not only grown tremendously but have also sparked a fire under several makeup and hair companies to be more inclusive!


There are plenty of beauty bloggers that I watch for not only inspiration for hair and makeup, but for lifestyle inspiration as well! If you enjoy trying new hairstyles, makeup looks, skin care routines, or trying new things all together here are a few of my favorite YouTube channels to watch. (Links in pink!)


Aaliyah Jay: Aaliyah is one of the most popular beauty bloggers on YouTube. She is great to watch if you want to learn how to beat your face properly, need inspiration for your wardrobe, or a new skin care regimen for your dry skin. She is also great to watch for lifestyle inspiration as well.


Glamtwinz334: The Glamtwinz (Kelsey and Kendra) became very well known for their natural hair care tutorials. Although their hair tutorials put them on the map, these ladies are perfect to watch for makeup looks, skin care routines, finding the best beauty products, wardrobe essentials and they also promote the importance of self-love and pampering.


Princess Kooch: Princess Kooch is my go-to channel for lifestyle inspiration and advice. Her vlogs are my most favorite part of her channel. She is extremely down to earth, and always so positive! She is also great to watch for a quick soft glam makeup tutorial, inspiration for a new hairstyle, or how to dress “boujie” on a budget!


Filthy Rich Tresses: Filthy Rich Tresses (Sade) is a professional hairstylist. Sade posts several hair tutorials on her channel, she is very detailed in her tutorials which make them easy to execute when trying them at home!


All the women I mentioned in this article are jacks of all trades, I just mentioned my favorite parts of their channels. Go check these ladies out to see all the advice and knowledge (not just on hair and makeup) they have to offer; you won’t regret it!